When the creative muse strikes…. a printable gift

Look it's a free printable.  Click the image to download your very own muse catcher.

Look it’s a free printable. Click the image to download your very own muse catcher.

Even though I am currently immersing myself in the editing process, I am finding that the Creative Muse will just not leave me alone.  Something about spending hours picking my own writing to pieces, makes her insistent.  She pokes me in the middle of the night.  She whispers in my ear when I am doing the school run.  She prods me on the shoulder when I am trying to meditate.  She’s an insistent little minx…

Sometimes it’s as if I am being reminded of why I am self publishing in the first place.  It is because I am a Creative.  I am not satisfied with getting by.  I want to flourish and mould my world actively and intentionally.  On a daily basis.  I am the queen of good ideas.  I can’t make a cake without going off into a reverie about creating a video series on the life lessons of baking.  I can’t write a paragraph on self hypnosis without thinking of a million tie-in MP3s that I could record.

So what do I do when the muse strikes?  I have learned over the years, not to ignore her. When she calls my name, I grab a journal and write it down.  There and then, wherever I am.  As I have gathered more and more ideas, I outgrew my Big Ideas book.  Sure I could have gone down the computer route but as a stationery addict, where is the fun in that?  So now, I have a Big Ideas lever arch file.

Then I took it one step further.  I became dissatisfied with scribbly notes that no longer made sense two weeks later.  I craved an order in my scribblings.  I wanted “printables”.  I googled and pinterested “Printables for Writers”.  If I was 10 years old and still at school, I would have had a ball.  If I was still teaching, my printer would have taken a hammering.  But could I find much for authors or entrepreneurs?  Not really.  The ones for writers were woefully wordy.  You know, I love language.  But I am also a sucker for pretty paper and pastel colours.  I wanted my printables to look good so that when I got out my Big Ideas folder I felt all cupcakey and feminine.

So I created my own.  My first sheet is called “Capturing the Muse”.  It’s designed to help you nab an idea when it strikes, do some exploratory drilling and record your thoughts on paper.  I suppose it’s more geared towards entrepreneurial activity but what self publisher has not thought about spin off products that you can also sell online? If you are writing a novel in which your heroine owns a cupcake store, why not use your research to create a spin off cookbook pdf?  If your book is on The Secrets to Having a Beautiful Lawn why not create a monetised blog pointing people to where they can buy the right products online?  If you are writing a book on self hypnosis, why not create an e-course to go with it???  At the moment, you may only be secretly dreaming about spin off products and film deals, dream away my friend.  But why not just capture that muse for a second, put it on paper and file it away for a rainy day?  What do you have to lose?

So here’s my little gift to you.  A free printable on Capturing The Muse.  It’s a PDF.  No need to sign up.  Just print it off and enjoy.  How’s that for generous?

You can just download it  by clicking right……… HERE

It might be, you know, kind of useful.  Perhaps…

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