My Self

This is the page where I get all up close and personal about who I am and what I am about.  So, as someone who likes to ‘do things her own way’, here is what I am NOT:

I am not an expert on self publishing yet but I am someone who is determined to navigate the field and try new things to get my work out there to my readers.

I am not a technical whiz which means that when I learn something I have to go back to basics.  Hopefully this blog will talk you through the basics.

I am not someone who has experience in this field, or has an expensive product to sell.

I am not someone who is afraid to try new things.

I am not someone who likes to give up.

Here is what I am:

  •  learning about self publishing and putting my lessons into action.
  •  a writer who loves to create products that help people to live the life of their dreams.
  •  terminally impatient so I have chosen the self publishing route as the quickest way to get my work out there.
  •  a control freak who wants to know what is going on with my product every step of the way.
  • desperate for help from those in the know who are willing to share their expertise
  • quite a nice lady, who loves coffee in the morning and yoga in the afternoon
  • all alone, lost in the big wide internet world with only her wits and a pair of shiny leather boots to help her
  • A BIG DREAMER who believes that it is all do-able…

I also have a website over here which is about my job as a hypnotherapist and coach.  I blog here too.


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