5 Top Podcasts For Indie Publishers

mbIf you are wanting to find out about the latest new in indie publishing as well as hearing from those who have trodden the path before you, there is no better way to stay up to date than tuning into some podcasts.

I will be honest with you there are a lot of indie publishing podcasts out there.  Indie publishers are, by their nature a very entrepreneurial bunch and the chance of running amock with a mic and a great idea is hard to resist.

I have listened to many and the list below are the ones that I consistently come back to.  Mainly for their enthusiasm but also for the quality of the information and the interviews themselves.

The Creative Penn

cpp podcast


Joanna Penn is a non-fiction writer who has now very successfully entered into the Thriller Genre and is going great guns.  There is nothing but lovely things to say about Joanna.  She is onto it big time, works her backside off, and is unerringly generous in her sharing.  I love the diversity of her choice of guests and the fact that Joanna is plucky and perky but with a lovely insightful way of interviewing.  These are a pleasure to listen to.  Thanks Joanna.

Simon Whistler – Rocking Self Publishing

rsp podcast


Simon’s shows are awesome and genuine.  He is a real pro at delivery and his interviews are always a fun and informal journey with a diverse range of guests. I find this show to be one that I can listen to without feeling intimidated and there are some genuine takeaways without unneccessary self-promotion.  I think his show notes are also really thorough and definitely worth checking out.

The Self Publishing Roundtable

spr podcast


This show is part of the tornado that is Truant and Platt, though this is down to their rather taciturn third partner – Dave.  Again a good show with lots of great info and useful takeaways.  Very much part of the indie publishing company.

The Self Publishing Podcast

spc podcast


If Hugh Howie is the Dashing Duke of Indie Publishingville, and JA Konrath the Baron of Selfpubland, then Seam Platt and Johnny Truant are the loud and cavalier Knights of the realm.  They are cross genre writers who are willing to try anything and succeed.  Their enthusaisam is contagious and no subject will escape their gaze.  These guys area  real inspiration and their book ‘Write, Publish, Repeat’ should be essentail reading for anyone playing with the idea of doing it themselves in the publishing world.

Savvy Self Publishing

ssp podcast

Lindsay Buroker is a fantasy novelist who has broken the 3k per month mark and lives a lifestyle of writing and travel.  She started her indie career in 2010 and has learned the lessons through experience.  This show, and her blog, is a really good place to be inspired by what is possible with persistence and a sprinkling of luck.

Do you have a favourite indie publishing podcast?  Add it to the comments below.


13 thoughts on “5 Top Podcasts For Indie Publishers

    • juliette nolan says:

      My pleasure. The thing I love about these podcasts is their openness and professionalism. Plus the more I listen the more I feel like I am part of a community. It’s easy to feel a bit isolated as a writer. Podcasts are so great for feeling like you are part of something bigger. Or is that just me??? 🙂

      • Galit Balli says:

        You are so right. Being a writer is 99% if not more very isolating. I love the podcast as well so much, you get to learn a lot and get enterained, but also you feel part of a large community 🙂

  1. James Derry says:

    I really enjoy Rockin’ Self-Publishing. He’s so conscientious and professional about his interviews. I love how he’ll stop the interviewee and make them backtrack so that their story comes across completely clear.

    The others are also very good. I haven’t tried Savvy Self-Publishing Podcast, so I’ll have to check that out!

    I listened to half an episode of Sci-Fi Fantasy Marketing Podcast and it was pretty good so far. But you’re right, there seems to me new ones popping up every week!

    • juliette nolan says:

      I get so much out of these podcasts. They are such a great motivator and I am bowled over by how much love, energy and generosity goes into them. Will check out your suggestion. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Steven Capps says:

    I absolutely love this post! I listen to podcasts all the time and I now I have five new ones to add to my library. I am a big fan of Writing Excuses which is a podcast on writing science fiction and fantasy.

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