Inspiration for booklovers

Indulge me here, if you will, whilst I wax lyrical about my love of old books. I imagine, if you are a writer or a reader, that you too might confess to a love of opening up a leather-bound edition and seeing the old typeface emerging from the thick cream pages.  Do you too get a little frisson of excitement when, on the odd occasion, you stumble across an old book which has got its own little community of paper coloured bugs the size of a full stop?  Do you, like me, envy those creatures their god-given right to dwell in those pages and feast upon the dust of the words?

I like to stroke the spines of books which have the remnant of gold leaf pushed into the indented seams.  I especially adore books which, in their original unread state, were sold with the reams still bound so their first readers had the unadulterated joy of taking a blade to the edges to release the stories within.

It is in service of this passion that I share today’s video inspiration.  A short film about a Canadian bookbinder.  It is beautiful and inspiring.  I hope you enjoy it too….


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